Austin is a city in flux. The 11th largest city in the States is famous for its countercultural and free-spirited roots (especially by Texas standards). You may have heard how it’s imperative to Keep Austin Weird. In recent years, some funkier Austin staples haven given way to frosted glass, tropical minimalism, and sleek signs predominantly featuring sans serif fonts. Cultural change has been accelerated by the capital and culture of the city’s booming tech sector.

Yet even in light of such changes, Austin retains its soul. It takes real work to keep up with how the old interacts with the new! It’s unfair to simply categorize Austin as weird these days. The city is more than ever a hodgepodge of cultures, ideas, natural environments, flavors, and people - exactly why I think that Austin is such a fascinating locale to visit and explore.

No matter whether you see yourself as primarily an artisanal cocktail sipper, diehard trail runner, live music connoisseur, woo-girl best girlfriend to the bride, or even an energetic guy who’s always on the dance floor, there’s a side of Austin that’s for you.

In a single day in Austin, you could shuffle between a variety of activities such as:

  • San Marcos or Guadalupe River float

  • Aerial yoga workshop

  • Brunch under charming live oak trees

  • Aquifer-fed bathing pools

  • Farm-to-table dinners

  • Flower crown workshops

  • World-class barbecue options

  • Stand up paddle boarding tour

  • Personal mezcal tasting

  • Catch a show at one of 250+ music venues

I’ve only just scratched the surface as far as Austin fun is concerned. There’s much much more for any sort of group, so let’s get to talking so I can tell you more!