A celebration, sendoff, or rendezvous with friends from all over the map deserves to be more than a Google search for "top 10 things to do in austin bachelorette". It should have a tad bit more heart than that. A trip like this deserves to be customized.

When you choose for me to help out, the process looks like this:



We swap a few emails. Then we phone talk. I hear the excitement in your voice and you hear mine. You offload all the nitty-gritty details on me.

I begin to understand themes, budget, must-haves, research required, group dynamics, and overall logistics.

In more flowery terms, this stage is where you paint a grand picture of your vision. Or you sketch something for me and let me fill it in with color based on your needs.



I begin my work behind the scenes, which includes dreaming up ideas that fit your vision, mapping out timelines, negotiating competitive quotes from vendors around town, scouting out new potential activities, and contacting those in my network.

I wrap all of this up in a bow to return to you as a proposal. It’s a synthesis - with quotes if I’m providing options from various vendors - of all my research in a more digestible format.



I present you with a proposal that lays out all of the ways in which I can be of service (e.g. itinerary mapping, bookings, custom experiences with local guides, travel arrangements, accommodation booking, transport, and more). You decide what’s best for your group.

Once we iron out exactly what's required and payment is exchanged, I’m off to the races. I come back to you with the final plan. With your thumbs up, I start locking in elements of the itinerary that include vendors and give attention to every detail both big & small regarding your event.



In the final weeks leading up to an event, something will inevitably come up. No sweat! I’ll handle that stress and pull off the modifications to the plan on short notice.