You’re the one who stepped up when everyone else balked or was suddenly too busy. Logistics may not be your forte, but you’ll give it the ol’ college try. It’s for the greater good. Everyone is going to enjoy The Event.

Crack your knuckles. Open your laptop. Ignore the 30 other tabs in Chrome. Type into Google:

“best group activities austin tx”

Click on clickbait. Question who sponsored a listicle or two. Wonder who actually uses TripAdvisor anymore. Start making your own lists.

Maybe you’ve bit off more than you can chew.

. . .

If you identify with any of the following, then perhaps I can help lend a hand.

  • You think that keeping track of a dozen distinct arrival times, flights, sets of food allergies, and budgets sounds only slightly better than getting stuck in purgatory.

  • You already spend more time than you’d like researching, organizing, coordinating, booking, and/or negotiating with folks in your day job.

  • You like to verify that a location/activity/area is worth the $$$ prior to signing on the dotted line.

  • You opt for experiences that don’t usually show up on a top 10 list.

. . .

Maybe it’s time to trust the process.