Who: Nathan Sany

Two run-on sentence bio: I grew to well over 160 pounds in the Pacific Northwest with the help of love, lactose, Douglas fir trees, and avoiding caffeine. Austin and the Hill Country now have my heart because I can A) wear shorts on most days of the year; B) say “y’all” to my heart’s content; and C) work with a wide variety of passionate makers, venue owners, people organizers, and designers who share my passion for putting on creative events.

Words and phrases to describe me: Dilettante. Ebullient. Tall (so I hear). Loyal. Lover of repartee. Intellectually curious. Childhood sense of wonder. Romantically attracted to the idea of spontaneity but a planner through and through.

Why parties and events? I’ve always been a people organizer. Few things bring me more joy than being able to set up novel environments and events ripe for fraternizing. I live for chances to witness authentic surprise and delight on the faces of friends and clients alike.

Recent-ish accomplishments:

Current projects:

  • Learn basic French.

  • Concoct no fewer than 15 homemade popsicle flavors during summer 2019.